Ann Mcardle

With a long and distinguished professional career in strategic planning, Massachusetts native With a long and distinguished professional career in strategic planning, Massachusetts native and current Florida resident Ann McArdle appreciates attention to detail. A Miller Gesko Wealth Management client since 2007, she says their philosophies are a match, “They are not prescriptive. First, they listen to what my comfort parameters are and they offer solutions based on my needs and situation.” Ann works directly with Paul Gesko, Henry Urban and Courtney Hunter, “They know I’m not a financial genius but they earned my trust by asking questions and they listened. They don’t operate by formula and I’m not a commodity at Miller Gesko.


Jacob Trautman

Jacob Trautman is a true American success story. A WWII veteran and American hero from West Seneca, NY, he settled in Williamsville where he and his wife of 65 years raised their family. In 1995 Mr. Trautman sold a business he had built from the ground up. He needed someone to help guide him on his journey into retirement. That’s when he discovered Miller Gesko Wealth Management. Mr. Trautman says, “Miller Gesko is one of the best things that ever happened to me…As a business owner I always hired people that knew more than I knew. That was certainly the case when I hired Miller Gesko and it’s why I still work with them today.”


Loren Polkinghorn

Loren Polkinghorne helps take care of her mother's affairs. She works with Miller Gesko Wealth Management because of the personal attention she receives. Loren says, “They’re awesome. I know they have other clients but they make me feel like I’m the only person that matters. They understand our situation is unique. They protect the trust first and then they grow it.” But for Loren it’s more than just portfolio performance, “…they get on a personal level. They want to see us. We don’t just discuss business. They want us to succeed in our personal lives as well. We have become very good friends."


Laurie Irish-Jones

The luck of the Irish is not the driving force behind the success of Laurie Irish-Jones. She learned the value of hard work from her parents. Now, as CEO of the family business, Laurie Irish-Jones has to put all of her attention on what she is best at — running the business. She says, “Bob Miller Jr. and everyone at Miller Gesko are truly partners of mine, my family and our business. I can focus on my business and my family and not worry about the rest because I know we are in good hands.” Miller Gesko now serves three generations of the Irish family. After Laurie’s father passed away Miller Gesko became a vital part of estate planning and helped Laurie’s mother set up accounts for all 15 grandchildren. Laurie appreciates Miller Gesko for recognizing every person as an individual, “it’s not just me, my mom or my four sisters Bob (Miller Jr.) takes care of, he has always made time for every grandchild. He understands everyone is their own person and we all have different journeys.”